Navitas Education Trust

Navitas Education Trust

Our purpose of transforming lives through education extends beyond the experiences we offer our students, and we define sustainable impact as our actions having a positive, meaningful and lasting effect on people and communities.

Through the Navitas Education Trust (NET), we provide funding support to education-based projects that bring about change for children, leading to better opportunities for learning and development.

Applications for the FY24 funding round are now closed. Please direct all queries to:

We are so proud of the incredible work of all our partners, both past and present. Watch the video below to learn more.


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Current NET partners:


PLUS Education

PLUS Foundation has developed an innovative English program that is both a learning app and pedagogical framework. It provides multiple learning pathways to allow for the diverse learning styles of students. The program has been proven to accelerate children's English language outcomes, helping to increase future prospects. NET will be funding the English 4 South Maluku project, Indonesia.

To learn more, visit: PLUS Education.



CAMFED (Campaign for Female Education) breaks down barriers for girls and women in rural communities through its award-winning Learner Guide program. Learner Guides are young women who have completed school with CAMFED support and, through a structured program, receive financial and educational benefits in exchange for supporting the next generation of vulnerable girls with life and learning skills, health education, and psycho-social support. NET funding will enhance the reach of 50 Learner Guides in rural Zambia.

To learn more, visit: CAMFED.

Adara Group: NEPAL

Adara Group

NET is funding Adara Development’s remote education work in Nepal, helping to expand access to education, improve the quality of education from early learning through to higher education, and teach students about the importance of environmental protection. Spanning across 10 schools, included is the ‘One Child, One Tree’ project, where 1500 students will be given a native tree sapling to plant and nurture.

To learn more, visit: ADARA.

Classroom of Hope CAMBODIA & INDONESIA

Classroom of Hope

NET is supporting the Improving education and sustainable development project, which is providing School Improvement Training to directors and senior teachers at schools in rural Cambodia. Participants learn how to develop strategic plans, collect data and draft budgets to maximize on contributions from the Provincial Office of Education. The project also provides IT training to teachers with a focus on supporting online delivery, allowing learning to be sustained long term. Funding from the NET is also supporting the eco block school building project in Lombok Indonesia.

To learn more, visit : Classroom of Hope.

World Literacy Foundation - Sun Books Project: KENYA

World Literacy Foundation - Sun Books

The Navitas Education Trust (NET) is currently funding a Sun Books pilot at the Ireti Girls Primary School in Makoko, located in the centre of Lagos, Nigeria. FY22 funding from the NET will go towards providing Sun Books to more schools, this time in Kenya.

To learn more, visit:

Assisi Aid Projects: INDIA

Assisi Aid Projects

In India, Assisi Aid Projects supports thousands of rural women access income and skills to improve family life. Assisi Aid Projects also work with children from disadvantaged communities to improve educational opportunities and improve gender equality.

Funding from the NET will be providing ongoing support to Assisi’s Education and Skill Development Project to improve the education and livelihood of children across tribal villages in Tamil Nadu, India. Part of this next round of funding will go towards services for older children to develop computing skills.

To learn more, visit: Assisi Aid Projects.

Past NET partners

Sharing Stories Foundation
Sharing Stories Foundation
Sharing Stories Foundation
Sharing Stories Foundation
Sharing Stories Foundation
Sharing Stories Foundation
Sharing Stories Foundation
Sharing Stories Foundation
Indigo Foundation
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