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Sri Lanka

Eligible Sponsors and Income Proofs

  • Parents, Grandparents (Maternal/Paternal) – *highly recommended
  • Siblings, Self  – *highly recommended
  • Uncle / Aunts – *recommended
  • Spouse – *in case of married applicants
  • Third party sponsor – (will be acceptable, case by case with strong reasons)
    3rd Party sponsor Financial support letter should have :
    • Why are they sponsoring the student
    • What are their own financial liabilities
    • Information about their profession and family responsibilities
    • If they have sponsored anyone else within the last two years, and if yes, details
    • How much of the amount declared/shown will be used to sponsor the student
  • In laws can also sponsor – ( for married applicants, but suggested share is 40% maximum and rest funds from own parents /spouse/siblings etc.)

Each Sponsor has to submit the below documents:

  • Proof of relationship (Birth certificate), government Photo ID’s
  • Affidavit of support /Statuary Declaration
  • Evidence of occupation
  • Funds in their names

Proof of income requirements

Income from Salary

  • 6 month Pay slip and employment confirmation letter.

Business Income

  • Certificate of Business Registration
  • Partnership Deed in case of partnership firm
  • No objection certificate (NOC) from the partners if in case using capital/current account balance towards sponsorship.
  • Profit and Loss Account for last financial year – from a registered chartered accountant.
  • Recent bank statement of current a/c – 6 months
  • Tax file documents – if applicable

Pension Income

  • Copy of Pension ID Card
  • Pension slips for last 1 year.
  • Recent bank statement showing the pension being credited in the account.

Rental Income

  • Rental agreement
  • Ownership of property.
  • Lease Deed/ Rent Deed
  • Deed extract from the land registry.
  • Rent Receipts/ Bank Statement showing rent being received.

*Note: any cash transaction will not be acceptable

Acceptable funding sources

  • Savings account – any recent funds to be backed by acceptable sources.
  • Fixed deposits – for recent FD’s we require the source and the amount considered in the principal amount.
  • Sale Deed is acceptable (the money transferred from this transaction into the account should reflect through cheque of RTGS receiving as mentioned on the sale deed). The acceptable amount from Sale deed will be based on other financial factors.
  •  Fresh funds acceptable for fees payment but the account statement has to be furnished.
  • Education Loan – acceptable clauses provided on the loan letter. If loan is included living cost, then that need to be disbursed in saving account of sponsor/student. (third party guarantor or sponsor is not acceptable).
  • Other Loans – fully disbursed and letter should state that it can be used for education purposes.
  • Provident Funds (EPF) – not accepted if shown just with the letter from the Employer stating the maintenance and withdrawal limit of PF. But if the said amount is being disbursed in the saving account then it will be considered under savings with complete documents of transfer .
  • Loan disbursement -As per the recent DHA changes please refer DHA website:
    “Applicant needs to submit loan disbursement letter along with the bank statement showing proof of Disbursement for 12 months living expenses with the TT copy of fee paid to the Navitas College and acceptance copy for issuing eCOE “.
  • Fee to be paid apart from the funds shown can be accepted – Please mention on the Financial Matrix that 1st sem fee will be paid from the outside funds. We would require the statement for this amount to be paid.

Acceptable banks and related information

Acceptable Financial Institute:

  • Commercial banks
  • All financial companies registered with the central bank of Sri Lanka.

*Currency converter: refer

Non Acceptable sources :

  • Income generated from sale of Ornament.
  • Loan against gold.
  • Sale of Gold
  • Agreement to sell.
  • Gifts
  • Lottery
  • Third party loan
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