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Eligible Sponsors

  • Self- recommended
  • Parents – (father & mother) – highly recommended
  • Grandparents (maternal & paternal) – recommended
  • Biological siblings – recommended
  • Uncle & aunt (maternal/paternal) – not highly recommended
  •  Spouse – incase applicant is married
  • Cousins will not be considered as eligible sponsors

Each Sponsor should provide the following documents.

  • Proof of Relationship with applicant –Verified and authenticated Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificate and Passports.
  • Financial Capabilities- to be demonstrated through financial statements and properties.
  • Affidavit or Statutory Declaration in support of sponsorship – the document must include the sponsor’s name, their place of residence, relationship with the applicant, declaration of sponsorship towards applicant’s studies in Australia including tuition fee, living expenses and travel cost, evidence of their occupation, their annual income and funds in the sponsor’s name.

Proof of income requirement

Income from Salary

  • Employment letter
  • Income tax returns for the employee
  • Bank statement where salary is credited for the last 3 months
  • Pay slip for the last 3 months

Income from Business

  • Business registration certificate
  • Business permit
  • Tax registration certificate
  • Current business bank account statement for the last 12 months
  • Business ITR for the last 3 years
  •  Documents showing annual turnover/gross profit.

If the business is partnership-partnership deed, No Objection Certificate from partners if using capital/current account balance for the sponsorship.

Income from Agriculture

  • Sales receipts
  • Land ownership
  • lease deed

Income from Rental

  • Property ownership
  • Rent/lease deed
  • Rent receipts

Pension Income

  • Pension pay order
  • Bank statement

Transport Income

  • Vehicle registration
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Bank statement

Acceptable Funding Sources

  • Saving Account – Recent deposits to be evidenced by acceptable sources
  • Fixed deposits/term deposits – deposits need to be accessible without notice period and/or moved to a standard current account.

Acceptable banks and related information

  • Funds must be held in acceptable financial institutions only. Basically, these are in banks authorized by the Central Bank of Kenya.
  • Money saved in SACCOs should be transferred to a current account with official documentation
  • Student must have sufficient funds to cover 12 months of tuition, living and travel costs. The funds must be genuinely accessible to the student for the entire duration of their studies.
  • If money is being transferred from a non-banking institution or non-banking instrument to an acceptable one, a proper trail and letter from the non-banking entity to be supplied.
  • In case of large or sudden deposits, these must be explained with a proper trail. More than Ksh.500,000 onwards.
  • Any evidence of unbacked cash deposits, credit cards, hand loans, or loans such as overdrafts are not accepted.
  • Loans against financial instruments – shares, bonds, securities, debentures, mutual funds, insurance policies.

Non acceptable

  • Income generated from sale of ornaments
  • Loan against gold
  • Agreement to sale

Additional Information

Academic Certificate (Original/copy)

  • Must be certified and stamped by the Director of Quality Assurance & Standards, at the Ministry of Education.

Certificate of Birth/Death

  • If child is born in Nairobi. Obtain certification from the Registrar of Births at ACK Bishop House Gardens.
  • If child is born outside of Nairobi. Obtain certification from Registrar of Births at Hass Plaza.
  • Similar procedure applies for death certificate.

Certified Copy of an Entry of Marriage

  • Must obtain a copy of certificate of Entry of Marriage and/or Certificate of no impediment to marriage from the Registrar of Marriages at the Attorney General’s Chambers.

Islamic Marriage Certificate

  • Must be certified and stamped by the Chief Kadhi’s Chambers in Mombasa or Deputy Chief Kadhi in Nairobi.
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