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Eligible Sponsors

  • Parents, Grandparents (Maternal/Paternal) – *highly recommended
  • Siblings, Self  – *highly recommended
  • Uncle/Aunts – *case by case recommended.

Each Sponsor must submit the below documents:

  • Proof of Relationship (FRC), Official CNICs
  • Affidavit of Support from Sponsor
  • Evidence of Occupation
  • Funds Proof by their Own Name Bank Accounts

Note: We do not accept married applicants

Proof of Income Requirements

Income from Salary

  • Employment Letter
  • Payslips (last 3 months)
  • Account Statement showing Salary credited by monthly.

Business Income

  • Trade license/NTN and Income Tax Returns
  • Business/Current account statement and/or
  • Partnership Deed in case of partnership firm and/or
  • Sales Receipt and/or
  • Company Audit Report (case by case recommended)

Rental Income

  • Land/Property Ownership Proof (English and Urdu Translation)
  • Rental Agreement Deed (English and Urdu Translation)
  • Utility Bill Copies (electricity bill is highly recommended)
  • Income Tax Returns (case by case)
  • Bank Statement reflecting Monthly Rental Deposits.

Note – We require 90 days Bank Statement, and it must be fresh, not more than 10 days old.

Acceptable Funding Sources

  • Savings/Current Account – the funds must be mature for last 90 days in the bank account.
  • Sale Deed is acceptable (the money transferred from this transaction into the account should be reflected through cheque or bank transfer). Agreement to sale is not accepted.
  • Fresh Funds acceptable only if transferred from any parent or siblings bank account.
  • Fee to be paid apart from the funds shown can be accepted – Please mention on the Financial Matrix that Fee will be paid through savings or from any other account. Share fresh bank statement after fee paid.

Acceptable Banks and Related Information

Financial Institutions for Funds – Pakistan

As per DHA Website:

  • All Pakistan Approved Banks
  • If the student has money in a non-acceptable bank/ financial institute and now wants to transfer it to acceptable bank, the last 3 months bank account statement of non-acceptable financial institute should be provided where they have kept that money and there should not be any major recent deposits for which evidence of the source is not available.
  • The transfer of money from non-acceptable financial institutions to acceptable financial institute should only be done through cheque or through net banking (Cash transfer is not acceptable)
  • We will check and require the source of the funds submitted even if it is more than 3 months old as per the DHA guidelines as trail of funds is important.

Non Acceptable Funds

  • Fixed Deposits
  • Mutual/Provident Funds
  • Defense/Bahbood/National Saving Certificates
  • Shares & Bonds
  • Savings or FD in Non-Banking Financial Companies

Non Acceptable Sources

  • Loan against Gold.
  • Bank Loan.
  • Agriculture Loan.
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