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Acceptable document checklist

On this page, we list the various types of evidence / supporting documents we accept when assessing your GS intentions:

Proof of relationship

You need to clearly demonstrate who is funding your studies and your sponsor’s relationship to you. We accept the following documents:

  • Birth or marriage certificates
  • Government issued national ID cards
  • Passports
  • Family or relationship registration documents

Evidence of financial capacity and access to funds

You need to satisfy us that you can adequately cover all your costs for the duration of your stay in Australia. Please refer to the financial capacity guidelines for detailed information regarding the various income sources we accept.

Previous/current employment evidence

For many of our postgraduate preparation courses, we require you to provide us with suitable work experience evidence. Alternatively, if you have had a study gap and have been working recently, we accept the following types of evidence:

  • Pay slips which show the duration of tenure and frequency of pay for a minimum of 3 months
  • Reference letters from employers
  • A detailed CV outlining your work experience
  • Employment contract
  • Annual income tax return

Welfare arrangements for minors

If you are under 18 years of age when commencing your course, you will be required to provide evidence of suitable welfare arrangements, including guardianship, homestay, and caregiver arrangements. Please refer to the relevant checklist provided with your Letter of Offer which details the list of requirements and acceptable evidence.

Remember: We cross check all information so honesty is key, when providing us with supporting evidence. Submission of fraudulent documents will result in an instant cancellation of your application or worse, a student visa refusal.

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