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Eligible sponsors

  • Parents, Grandparents (Maternal/Paternal) – *highly recommended
  • Siblings – *highly recommended
  • Uncle / Aunts – *recommended
  • Spouse – *in case of married applicants
  • Third party sponsor – (will be acceptable, case by case with strong reasons)
    3rd Party sponsor Financial support letter should have :
    • Why are they sponsoring the student
    • What are their own financial liabilities
    • Information about their profession and family responsibilities
    • If they have sponsored anyone else within the last two years, and if yes, details
    • How much of the amount declared/shown will be used to sponsor the student
  • In laws can also sponsor( for married applicants, but suggested share is 40% maximum and rest funds from own parents /spouse/siblings etc.)
  • Self-sponsored is not recommended.

Each Sponsor has to submit the below documents:

  • Proof of relationship, government Photo ID’s
  • Affidavit of support /Statutory Declaration
  • Evidence of occupation, business activities
  • Funds in their names

*Sponsors combine annual income needs to be 1.4 billion Vietnam dong per year.

Proof of income requirements

Income from Salary

  • Signed and sealed labour contract
  • Social Insurance Book or VSSID mobile app
  • Tax payments of the last financial year
  • Salary Account statement for last 6 – 12 months.

Business Income

  • Registration of Business
  • Tax payments to National Budget in the last 12 months (Registration, VAT, Income taxes)
  • Account statement for the last 12 months showing business activity
    VAT invoices
  • Official Economic/Trading/Sales contracts or any type of business contract related to the business activity
  • Assets of the company: Real estates, vehicles, etc.

Note: any cash transaction and only hand-written receipts/invoices will not be acceptable

Income from Rental Services

  • Certificate of land use rights
  • Notarized leasing contracts
  • IDs of the renter
  • Account statement for the rental payment for the last 6 months- 12 months

Income from Selling Real Estate

  • Certificate of land use rights
  • Notarized contract of transferring land use rights
  • Tax payment for the transfer
  • Account statement for receiving the transferred money

Agricultural Income

  • Not highly recommended at this moment.

Acceptable funding sources

  • Savings account – any recent funds to be backed by acceptable sources
  • Fixed deposits – for recent FD’s we require the source and the amount considered in the principal amount.

*The overall funds submitted, and financial profile will be taken into consideration.

Any extra document verification requirements (eg: bank statements, birth certificates, etc)

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