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Navitas Genuine Student Assessment information

Genuine Student (GS) information for Australian student visa purposes

In order to study in Australia, you will be required to demonstrate that studying in Australia is the primary reason for applying for your student visa. The Australian government’s Department of Home Affairs requires all applicants to complete a Genuine Student form at visa submission stage.

Genuine student criteria

The following criteria are assessed:

  • Applicant’s current circumstances: This includes ties to family, community, employment, and economic circumstances.
  • Reason for studying chosen course: Explaining why you wish to study your desired course with us, including providing an understanding of the study and living requirements. You also need to explain why you do not wish to study this course in your home country.
  • Value of chosen course: How this course will benefit you and your career aspirations.
  • Immigration history: Providing evidence of previously held visas (or) previous visa refusals from any country.

We use your responses to assess your application based on the DHA’s GS requirements.

Please check the Genuine Student Questionnaire (PDF) to view the detailed requirements and responses required.

Genuine Student Questionnaire (PDF)

Helpful tips and suggestions

  • Be unique and honest: Avoid generic statement and tell your own story!
  • Keep it concise: Responses to each of the GS questions should be 150 words maximum.
  • Disclose all immigration history: Please provide us with all your previous immigration history, including declaring any previous visa refusals from any country. If you have previously studied in Australia, please provide all relevant information regarding your studies.
  • Refrain from using AI/Chat GPT: We utilise specialist software to detect AI generated responses.
  • Be prepared to provide supporting documentation: This helps us in assessing your claims as well as strengthening your application. Please refer to the GS acceptable document checklist to view the types of supporting documentation we accept.

In addition to meeting the GS criteria, you may also be required to demonstrate evidence of your financial capacity to cover your tuition, living, health insurance and travel costs whilst in Australia.

Please also refer to the handy guide of acceptable financial capacity documents that we accept, and the acceptable sources of income.

Additional country specific financial capacity requirements

If you are residing in one of the following countries, please visit the relevant country page to view the additional list of requirements:

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