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Eligible Sponsors

  • Parents – *highly recommended
  • Grandparents (Maternal/Paternal) – *recommended
  • Siblings, Self – *recommended.
  • Uncle / Aunts (Maternal/Paternal) – *not highly recommended
  • Spouse – *in case of married applicants
  • Third party sponsor – acceptable case by case with valid reason
    Following points to be considered in case of third-party sponsors:
    • Why are they sponsoring the student?
    • What are their own financial liabilities?
    • Information about their profession and family responsibilities
    • If they have sponsored anyone else within the last two years, and if yes, details how much of the amount declared/shown will be used to sponsor the student.
  • In laws can also sponsor (for married applicants, but suggested share is 40% maximum and rest funds from own parents /spouse/siblings etc.)

Following documents are to be submitted by each of the sponsors:

  • Relationship verification, with original and translated citizenship of all the sponsors along with an Affidavit of support for student.
  • Evidence of income with supporting documents
  • Demonstration of funds e.g.: Education loan, Saving etc.

Various Income Demonstration by Sponsors

Income from Salary

  • Employment confirmation letter
  • PAN of the employee
  • Salary slips from the employer for the last 12 months and salary bank statement.
  • Income tax return for last three years of the employee

Business Income

  • Business and personal income proof for last 2-3 years
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) certificate of business
  • Registration of Business (Original and translated)
  • Partnership Deed in case of partnership firm
  • No objection certificate (NOC) from the partners if in case using capital/current account balance towards sponsorship.
  • Income Tax returns for last three years of the business
  • Last 12 months bank statement of current/business account

Rental Income (House Rent/ Land on Rent)

  • Bank Statement reflecting rental deposits for the last one year.
  • Property Ownership/Lalpurja (Original and translated)
  • Rental Agreement
  • House completion certificate
  • House pictures and map
  • Land Tax Receipts issued by the Village Development Committee (VDC)/municipality office for the last three fiscal years.

Income from Vehicle

  • Original copy of Vehicle ownership (Blue Book)
  • Letter from the transport department
  • Verification of Income by VDC/Municipality
  • Bank Statement reflecting the said deposits.

Income from Agriculture/Animal Husbandry

  • Ownership details/lalpurja of Land, original and translated version.
  • Verification of Income by VDC/Municipality
  • Proof of Sale/ Receipt of Sales for the last one year
  • Bank Statement reflecting the said deposits (one year)

Income from Pension

  • Pension Book, original and translated.
  • Pension bank statement for the last one year

Annual income clause by High Commission

  • Tax returns reflecting personal annual income equivalent AUD 87,856 in the 12 months immediately before you apply. If bringing family members, applicant must demonstrate parents’ or partner’s income at least AUD 102,500.
  • If both parents are working, their combined income can be considered. Provide evidence of parents’ or partner’s Statuary income proof which are less than 12 months old.

Acceptable Funds

  •  Saving Bank accounts (any huge recent funds to be backed by acceptable sources)
  • Amount acquired from Land Sale:
    • Lalpurja (land ownership certificate) before and after the sale.
    • Cheque copy
    • Itemized bank account statement covering the period between receipt of funds from the land sale to now. (Cash transaction is not acceptable).
    • Land Tax Receipts issued by the Village Development Committee/municipality office for the last three fiscal years prior to the sale of the land.
      Note: Sales within the family are not accepted.
  • Education Loan

Documents required:

  • Loan Sanctioned Letter
  • Itemized bank statement covering the period between the disbursement of the loan to now.
  • Loan account statement covering the period between the approval of the loan to now.
  • Valuation of Property against which the loan has been taken.
  • Lalpurja (land ownership certificate) including details of the owner.
  • Land Tax Receipts issued by the Village Development Committee (VDC)/Municipality.

Provident Funds

Not accepted if presented without the employer’s letter outlining the maintenance and withdrawal limit. However, if the specified sum is being deposited into a savings account, it will be considered together with a statement and other necessary transfer documentation. It is necessary to obtain a statement or letter from Sanchay Kosh, a government entity.

Acceptable Banks- Navitas

We accept all ‘’A’ category banks except Prabhu Bank.
If the student has money deposits in a non-acceptable bank and now wants to transfer it to acceptable financial institute, the Transfer of funds is acceptable only from category “B” Banks.

Calculation of Expenses

  • Tuition fees for 12 months as per offer letter (or pro rata fees, if your course is less than 12 months).
  • Living expenses for 1st Year – AUD 29,710
  • Airfare approx. AUD 2000 per person

In case of married applicants

  • Partner/spouse -Living Expenses AUD 10,394 when accompanying.
  • Airfare approx. -AUD 2000
  • child -Living Expenses AUD 4,449

Please refer DHA link to know more details.

Non-Acceptable Funds

  • Income generated from sale of Ornament.
  • Loan against gold.
  • Agreement to sell.
  • Agriculture loan.
  • Shares, Debenture & Bonds.
  • Income generated from FD.

Note: Navitas office will verify all loans/funds, income, and other documents (if necessary).

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