The latest issue of Green Apple, our eMagazine for Navitas educators, is now live!

26th Oct, 2022   Feature story:

Issue 9 of Green Apple - our eMagazine for Navitas educators - is now live! It's a real bumper, full of stories and insights from our educator community all across the organisation.

For the first time we’ve got two great Green Apple teacher interviews in the one issue. Akin Adisa from University of Canberra College (on the cover) and Amarachi Nnah-Ogbonda from Wilfrid Laurier International College are making a difference in students’ lives on opposite sides of the globe, but share the connection of both originally hailing from Nigeria.

Read about SAE lecturer Renee Black’s research undertaking into Alzheimer’s, for the making of her documentary, Tickety Boo, and BLUPC’s Azad Noor's exploration of adaptive learning.

Discover the insights gained at both the UPE and Canada conferences, and learn about the deep dive into student retention and success with UPA Leaning & Teaching.

Adara Development share their experience of travelling to Nepal to visit remote Navitas Education Trust-funded schools, and we’ve got a summary of our Reconciliation Action Plan activities.

We hope you enjoy reading about the interesting work of our great Navitas educator community. Feel free to share Green Apple broadly!

You can read the eMagazine here!

Our heartfelt thanks to all our contributors who have made this issue so special: Fiona West, Adara Group, Renée Brack, Dr Azad Noor, Karen McRae, Dr Mark Sean D'Arcy, Cathy Tobin, Kylie Fulton, Chen Zhao, Amarachi Nnah-Ogbonda, Anne Rimrott, Nadia Nosrati, Mike McNeilis, Sabine Gerlach and Akin Adisa.

A special thanks also goes to our Green Apple Editor, Anthea Somas, for gathering these stories from our global Navitas teaching community!

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