Navitas Insights: Five reasons to be optimistic on the road to recovery

15th Feb, 2021   Feature story:

In a series of articles recently posted to Navitas Insights, Jon Chew, Head of Strategic Insights and Analytics at Navitas, shares five reasons to be optimistic on the Road to Recovery for the international education sector for 2021 and beyond.​​

While the pandemic continues to cause uncertainty for the mobility of international students and the short-term future of the global education sector, you could be forgiven for having a pessimistic outlook. However, our Road to Recovery work which considers global data trends from across the sector and insights from our own agent community, gives us reason to feel more confident about the recovery of international education.

The five reasons to be optimistic were initially shared at the Navitas Virtual Business Partners Conference held in January 2021.

Reason to be optimistic #1: Students are committed to studying overseas and will change destinations rather than cancel​

Reason to be optimistic #2: New opportunities for global education will expand (not replace) the existing market

Reason to be optimistic #3: The recovery could come sooner and stronger than we expect (subject to political will)

Reason to be optimistic #4: As part of the economic recovery, pro-migration policies will emerge

Reason to be optimistic #5: International education will focus on strategic relationships over short-term tactics

View the full presentation here​

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