Navitas Insights: Perceptions of study destinations are changing as pandemic persists

4th Dec, 2020   Feature story:

The latest round of education agent research findings has been released as Navitas continues to seek and understand how the perceptions of agents have evolved with the continuing COVID-19 crisis, and what this might mean for international education in the short to medium term.

The latest survey, conducted in September, captured the views of almost 300 education agents in 54 countries and explored further whether perceptions of a country’s handling of the pandemic impacts its reputation as an education destination. Agents revealed that a country’s reputation as being ‘open and welcoming’ is currently more important than its reputation as being ‘safe and stable’ when it comes to its attractiveness as a study destination.

Discover what the findings reveal and further insights on the UK, Canada and Australia as international study destinations in the Navitas Insights articles below.

Overall research findings:

Perceptions of study destinations are changing as pandemic persists

Destination specific findings:

Dramatic turnaround in perceptions of UK as study destination

Australia’s handling of the pandemic has lost some of its shine

Canada builds momentum as an attractive study destinations

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