Navitas shares outcomes of the International Higher Education Student Flows project

18th Dec, 2019   Feature story:

It is Navitas’ privilege to share the outcomes of the “International Higher Education Student Flows” project we stewarded in collaboration with the Nous Group and Austrade. We are grateful to the Australian Government for funding this novel research through its Enabling Growth and Innovation Program, which is managed by the Department of Education.

This project involved the integration and analysis of global sources of international higher education data, resulting in a body of work that brought new insights into our collective understanding of the macro-trends in international student mobility.  This project resulted in three case studies, a data visualisation tool and a final report.

By reading the linked report and case studies, you will gain:

• an understanding of the macro-trends in global student mobility and Australia’s relative position and performance within this;

• information on global product preferences for key source countries and alignment with the Australian market;

• knowledge on the impact of country-specific policy responses on student mobility;

• an understanding of the maturity of destination countries and emerging Australian competitors.

Find out more about the project via the following links:

Read the final project report.

Read Case Study 1: Emerging destination countries.

Read Case Study 2: Source country product preferences.

Read Case Study 3: Impact of policy settings.

Visit the data visualisation tool: Understanding global student mobility flows.


Navitas would like to acknowledge and commend the work of our colleagues at Nous Group whose expertise and professionalism underpinned the quality of the project. Thanks and acknowledgement also to Austrade for their fundamental role in stewarding the project.

Thanks too to colleagues from across the sector that contributed as members of the project steering committee – your guidance and counsel were extremely valuable to the success of the work. Finally, thanks to the international data agencies that contributed data, without which the project would not have got off the ground.

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