Navitas Insights: Why student experience matters in a digital world

6th Jun, 2019   Feature story:

New students who walk through the campus doors on day one may step off the local bus from a few suburbs away, or arrive ‘dazed and jetlagged’ from another time zone. A few may be so well-prepared they have already enrolled in their course and joined a student group on WhatsApp, whilst others turn up two weeks late having missed the first couple of lectures and struggle to catch up.

What most have in common is the mobile device they carry in their pocket and the expectation that it will help connect them to information, guidance and social networks so they don’t have to navigate this new experience alone.​

Lucy Blakemore, Head of Customer Research & Insights (Digital Customer Experience - DCX) with Navitas, looks at why student experience matters in a digital world in this month's feature article on Navitas Insights.

Read the full article on the Navitas Insights website.

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