Pathway programs for domestic students an important option in demand driven higher education system

1st Feb, 2018   Feature story:

Pathway programs for domestic students are becoming more vital to securing the best outcomes in Australia’s demand driven higher education system, according to Navitas CEO, Rod Jones.

Navitas is well known for offering international students pathway options to university in Australia, but its success with domestic students has enhanced outcomes for local students. An increasing number are using Navitas pathway programs to further tertiary studies and transition to secure qualifications from partner universities.

“We have an increasing percentage of school leavers in Australia looking to undertake tertiary study to transform their lives,” said Rod Jones.

“These students have more diverse backgrounds and experiences than in the past and some of these students will need supportive pathways rather than traditional models of deliver to help them succeed.

“Our pathway programs are designed with these students in mind. Smaller class sizes, extra teachers, back-up academic support and pastoral care are all things geared toward getting these students where they want to be – keeping pace with their peers and moving ahead with their study more confidently to pursue their chosen careers.”

Navitas delivers the first year of tertiary studies on 10 university campuses around Australia. Thousands of domestic students having graduated and progressed into the second year of their university degree through Navitas programs over the last 20 years.

Domestic pathway map

The programs, which also offer students the flexibility of securing a higher education diploma after their first year of study, have created an important option for students and parents considering tertiary education options out of secondary school.

“Before the emergence of pathway programs for domestic students, your options were really TAFE or you went back and repeated Year 12. We opened to domestic students almost 20 year ago, and very quickly students and parents recognised that those who hadn’t quite got the marks to get direct entry into university had Navitas as an alternative pathway to move forward with their studies and not lose time,” said Rod.

“Our pathway programs also provide domestic students with the flexibility of an exit point after the first year - students can step away and they have a qualification that’s fully accredited and meaningful for their career, or they can go on and get two qualifications – a higher education diploma and a higher education degree.”

With student success receiving a much greater focus for government and university leaders, and an ongoing concern for parents considering education options for their children, it’s testament to the success of the Navitas pathway model that progression rates to university remain consistently strong.

“We’re really proud of our students’ successes. Despite our students having lower high school results than the average university entrant, we manage to achieve strong progression and pass rates, ensuring all our students have an opportunity to achieve their dream of attending the university of their choice and continuing on their path to a future career,” Rod said.

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