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20 December 2023

Offsetting our BPC carbon footprint with renewable investment

Measuring and offsetting the carbon emissions from the 2023 Business Partners Conference

As part of our commitment to improve our Impact in the area of Climate Change Mitigation, Resilience and Adaptation, in planning our recent Business Partners Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, we saw an opportunity to take a sustainable approach to the emissions associated with the event. Instead of merely acknowledging the carbon emissions associated with the conference, we took proactive steps to offset them.

Our carbon footprint at the BPC

The first step was to assess our carbon footprint associated with the event. The staff travel, accommodation, and energy consumption contribute to the event greenhouse gas emissions, which we take responsibility for.

The total conference emissions were 141 tCO2e including hotel activities and accommodation and staff air travel. We coordinated with the hotel management (Hyatt Regency Bangkok) and our air travel provider (FCM) to obtain the data and make an estimate of the BPC’s carbon footprint.

Partnering for sustainability

For this project, we collaborated with a carbon offset provider BlueHalo (in partnership with Savi and our travel provider FCM) to ensure that our investment directly contributes to the development and expansion of environmental projects.

Investing in a renewable future

The next step was to identify a sustainable project that aligned with our values and had a meaningful impact. We decided to invest in a Verra Carbon Standard (VCS) accredited renewable energy project: Winds of Change, India. This project focuses on harnessing clean energy from wind power, contributing to carbon offsetting by supporting the transition to a sustainable energy future and empowering local communities.

We will continue taking similar steps

This was just the first step we took as a pilot carbon offsetting project. We have a sizeable carbon footprint as a business which we recently started measuring. We are now actively planning for the next steps to decarbonise and neutralise our emissions. As we continue to grow and evolve, sustainability will remain at the forefront of our business strategy, guiding us towards a future where our business success and environmental stewardship go hand in hand.

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