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12 October 2023

Navitas Mentoring Program wins an award!

We’re thrilled to announce that the Navitas Mentoring Program has been awarded Mentorloop’s 2023 Impact Award.

Our program was one of 19 programs short-listed from hundreds under consideration for the award in 2023.

So far, 132 mentoring connections have been established across our global network, with many participants giving 5-star reviews and reporting that they are deriving great benefit from their involvement in the program.

Mentoring is a proven form of professional development and we’re very happy to receive this award!

All the details of the win

For details regarding our award and the impact our program has made on our organisation and participants, check out our case study on Mentorloop’s website.

About our program

The Navitas Mentoring Program kicked off in July, with almost 200 employees from across our network committing to take part in the inaugural program.

Using the cloud-based mentoring administration platform Mentorloop, 65 mentees were paired with mentors and started their mentoring discussions to work towards individual objectives and goals.

To measure progress and address any concerns of participants, Mentorloop captures feedback from all participants after each mentoring session. This feedback helps to indicate the success of the program.

About the Mentorloop Impact Awards

Each year the Mentorloop Impact Awards evaluates hundreds of programs from industry associations, non-profit communities and corporate organisations from all over the world.

The award-winning programs demonstrate the key criteria that sets impactful mentoring programs apart; a shared philosophy of mentoring, scale of opportunity and accessibility, positive participant engagement and satisfaction and overall working towards a culture of mentoring that supports diversity, equity and inclusion for organisations, industries and/or communities.

Mentorloop also acknowledges Mentoring Program Coordinators as they continue to make life-changing connections for the people they support.

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