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10 October 2023

Introducing the inaugural Impact Awards!

At Navitas, we’re thinking a lot about impact.

We’re considering the impact we have as an organisation – on the students we teach, the colleagues we employ and the partners and communities we serve. We’re also considering our obligations as a global citizen and the role we can play in addressing some of the world’s most significant challenges: the climate crisis, modern slavery, global poverty, and inequality and justice.

We have developed an ESG (Environment Social Governance) strategy to better understand, measure, and improve the impact we create in our changing world. Our approach is built around our impact as an employer, an educator, and a global citizen, and is aligned to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

An important aspect of our approach is considering the role we can play in the international education sector, and the opportunity we have to elevate the conversation around the ESG-related opportunities and challenges that face us all. We have a lot to learn from each other and we know that our partners will play a pivotal role in our own journey and that of the sector more broadly.

Watch this video to learn more about our impact journey.

The Navitas Impact Awards

It is with this spirit of sharing, learning, and celebration that we are delighted to launch the inaugural Navitas Impact Awards to recognise the ESG-related initiatives creating positive change across our sector.

We invite any organisation who partners with us – suppliers, business partners, university partners, school partners, non-profit partners – and is proud of their achievements in the ESG space, to apply. We want to hear about your sustainability-driven initiatives, your commitments to safe and inclusive workspaces, your passion for expanding access to education, and any other projects that align with our 12 impact topics.

The Impact Awards will be showcased on a global stage at our annual Business Partners Conference each year, to an audience of universities, researchers, entrepreneurs, and passionate teachers and learners.

Nominations close Tuesday 10 October.

Read the information brochure.

Nominate here!.

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