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25 June 2024

ICP Agent Webinar showcases the University of Portsmouth’s replica courtroom

On Tuesday, 11 June 2024, the International College Portsmouth (ICP) team presented its latest livestream webinar from the University of Portsmouth’s replica courtroom. A total of 150 agents attended the webinar session.

The replica courtroom is a realistic copy of a Crown Court, where students can gain practical experience for their future legal careers through mooting and simulated court cases. The courtroom has a witness stand, a jury box, a public gallery, and a dock for defendants. The room is also equipped with four ceiling-mounted cameras that can be used to film the practices. Students can use the recording to analyse and reflect later. The courtroom exercises can also be streamed to other seminar rooms for viewing and analysis.

Students use the replica courtroom to develop skills needed as lawyers or barristers, such as oral communication, persuasion, negotiation, and argumentation. The courtroom is also an ideal location for students to practice skills, such as arguing a point under stressful circumstances, addressing the case to groups of people, and being confident under pressure.

Mooting competitions are arranged by the Law Society and take place in a courtroom setting, in which two teams of two argue their case before a judge or judges.

ICP offers Year 0 and Year 1 entry into Law, Politics and International Relations. Students undertaking the course will have access to the replica courtroom.

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