Navitas partners with universities, other tertiary providers, industries and professions. We are a trusted service provider to governments.


We partner with universities

Since 1994, Navitas has been a respected leader in global higher education, partnering with universities in Australia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, New Zealand and Sri Lanka to increase students’ access to, and success in, higher education.

Our proven partnership model takes a transparent and collaborative approach in order to align our partners’ mission, vision, goals and objectives and position our partnerships for long-term success.

We provide our partners access to resources and expertise to help drive large-scale initiatives that provide tangible, lasting benefits to students, faculty, staff and local communities.

  • Accelerate the internationalisation of your university campus.
  • Drive higher-quality learning and student experiences
  • Fuel your efforts towards sustainable growth

Our university partnership model

Our approach is transparent and collaborative, aligning with the mission, vision, goals and objectives of our partners. We position our partnerships for long-term success.

Partners have access to our global marketing and recruitment infrastructure. This includes over 120 recruitment staff across 20 different regional offices; managing relationships with over 4000 different recruitment partners, providing access to prospective students in over 130 countries.

Our marketing efforts raise the profile of our partners throughout the world in all major markets—increasing their brand awareness while building on a reputation for academic excellence, innovation and growing global diversity.

Every Navitas partnership is unique and we pride ourselves on managing relationships individually and ensuring consistent quality with embedded marketing, admissions, academic and support teams.

  • Boost your global profile
  • Grow a strong, more diverse student population
  • Gain access to international market segments
  • Generate sustainable revenue streams for reinvestment in key areas
  • Uphold your admissions standards
  • Improve academic/ student outcomes

The pathway program model explained

Many students who study internationally are faced with the challenges of English as a second language, of adapting to a new culture, and a different education system.

Navitas English language and pathway programs ensure students are given the extra support and assistance needed to succeed at a higher education level. In Australia and the UK, domestic students are able to enrol in Navitas colleges to take advantage of the supportive environment to enhance their academic potential.

Students who successfully complete Navitas pathway programs and meet partner entry requirements progress directly into the second year programs at the partner university.

Pathway programs are located on the partner university's campus. Students use libraries, computer laboratories, recreation facilities, common areas and other general student services as well as having access to student clubs and societies. This enhances the student experience and aids retention as students integrate into campus life in that first year, making the move to second year much easier.

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Meet our partners

Meet our partners

Our partners have recognised that with our support, they can achieve long-term sustainable growth while student experience and academic quality remain high.

We are eager to partner with high-achieving universities, with leadership that recognises the value of a diverse and well educated student body and the value of skilled, work-ready employees.

United Kingdom
United States of America
New Zealand

Students coming through our pathway program have risen to the challenge of very rigorous degree requirements at Simon Fraser University. Perhaps most importantly, because of consistently high progression and retention rates, these students have also become valued members of our campus community while the Navitas staff on our campus have become valued and trusted colleagues.

Dr. Tim Rahilly
Associate Vice President Simon Fraser University

Industries and professions

We partner with industries and professions

We welcome and support stakeholders from industry, professions, government and community to deliver foundation skills, vocational and higher education qualifications in the creative industries, health, counselling, social work, psychology and criminal justice sectors. Our focus is on relevant, practical learning skills and outcomes delivered flexibly to equip learners for the world of work – now and into the future.

We also develop and deliver customised training and business solutions for employers to meet their requirements for work-ready, skilled employees. Learners are provided with relevant, practical tertiary and vocational skills, work experiences and support in their career development and working lives.

  • Industry relevant skills
  • Industry practitioners guide learning
  • Career outcomes


We are a trusted service provider for governments

We deliver critical national programs on behalf of the government in Australia, such as the Adult Migrant English Program, the Skills for Education and Employment, Humanitarian Settlement Services and provide advisory services to businesses under the Industry Skills Fund. These programs support the broad goals of improving integration, employability and productivity.

Within Australia, Navitas delivers government contracted settlement English, education and employment pathways services primarily focused on migrants and refugees where people have language, literacy and numeracy barriers to full social and economic participation. Navitas delivers these programs in consortia with other education and not for profit partners in Canberra, Sydney and Perth, and online in ACT, NSW, WA, QLD and SA.

In the Middle East, Navitas is contracted by the Omani Ministry of Defence for the management and delivery of English language courses and IELTS testing for Omani national high school graduates at the Military Technological College, Oman.

  • Support national human capital development agendas
  • Build foundations for successful education and workforce transition
  • Facilitate participation of diverse groups in society and workforces

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